There is no dispute that the startup ecosystem and Lebanon and the Arab World is in its infancy.  The challenges are many and would be the subject of another blog post.

A new program entitled "The Next Society" aims to tap into a network of those who have succeeded and utilize their knowledge in helping new entrepreneurs.

A dozen well-versed mentors have been trained by "Mowgli," (including Rami Hajjar) to provide insight and direction.

Mentoring is not about giving advice, quite the contrary.  It is about helping the entrepreneur find their own path and solve their own problems.  It is counter-intuitive at first.  But the idea is that the decisions you make are your own.

Often, the support we provide is not business-oriented per say, but emotional, addressing the stress, loneliness, and adversity in taking a path less taken.  It is not easy to start your own business and the glory and hype often quickly dissipate leaving you in a difficult situation.

For those that have not yet taken the plunge into entrepreneurship, you can expect highs and many more lows.  There are issues with risking cash and time.  There is stress in raising funding and being mostly rejected.  There are issues in dealing with your investors who expect major and quick results.  There is the stress of running out of cash.  There is the stress of losing a key client.  So on, and so forth.

A mentor who has been in the battle-field and made it out thriving can help you and be a vital asset to your own success.  If you would like to connect with such a mentor to help you, contact us and we will help.