We are always working on cool new apps.  In this section, we will give you teasers about whats to come.  Today we will talk about Diya3.

Diya3 is an app for small-town news.  Billions have left the rural area and moved to the city.  Yet their hearts are forever glued to their hometown.  Diya3 aims to keep us connected with news from home, and especially breaking news.  The mainstream media overlooks small town news as it affects a tiny minority of their readers/viewers.  This opens an oportunity to digitize the "community-hall bulletins" and make make it global.  

The app itself is a hybrid app with an Instagram-like feel.  Breaking news will arrive by Push Notifications and less urgent news is inside the app.

Small towns have a unique value proposition.  If you are a marketer, you may have noticed that it is hard to geo-target small towns.  Diya3 gives marketers an oportunity to target small towners, wherever they are in the world.

Phase 2 of Diya3 is more ellaborate and aims to add a geo-social interaction element.


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