We are a virtual team of over over 25 developers, digital marketers, and content creators. We span 7 countries and what brings us together is a dedication to excellence. If you are a disrupter, a prodigy in your field, then we want you to work with us.

We are also all serial entrepreneurs. We decided to form Hadzup so that we can offer the best in every field. And, we want to talk about it. We want to be a resource of wisdom to every aspiring entrepreneur. We will teach you the tricks and the tips that we use in our apps and in our marketing.

No fluff. Just straight talk.

If you decide to work with us, we give you a rate 40% less than market rate. Why? Because we want to work on successful projects, quality over quantity.

So we are always on the look-out for innovative projects that can disrupt the market.

Most apps we get pitched we do not take on for a variety of reasons, but as a guideline the project must:

  1. Have a huge market (not niche)
  2. Provide value for everyone (such as to the business and the user)
  3. Be implementable in maximum 5 months
  4. Have at least a small budget to get traction

After we launch your business and get traction, we connect you with investors to scale and grow or we may decide to invest ourselves.

We are friendly and ambitious people that are always available so do get in touch and lets take it from there!