Passion means staying true to what you love most and equally what you know about most.  The value you are providing is a niche and is helpful to your followers.  It is good to write each post by pretending you have 1 million followers and you want them to feel your passion.  Every post should have a "food for thought value."  This caliber of posts means that after they have browsed away they are still thinking about something you posted.

If you notice, the accounts with the fewest followers are overly generic.  Bloggers that write about random things are bloggers for friends and family only.  No one else cares about what you ate, unless ofcourse you are providing daily food reviews for a larger audience.

Well known instagramer (@dubaicigaraficionados) and good friend Tarek Gemeyel has built a following of over 10K followers rapidly by posting the cigars he smokes daily.  This is a passion blog.  Later we will share his other tips and tricks and those of other well known local bloggers, stay tuned.