You might lose your very first client.

You might not get that funding.

You may only get 17 downloads.

You may get only 3 active users.

Your parents may doubt you when you fail.

The deadliest sin is, to self-doubt.

"Maybe I'm not made for this"

Herein lies a wasted potential.  How can you answer to He by saying I gave up.  In this part of the world we roam where the greats have roamed.  It is in our DNA to surpass, adapt, and be the envy of our southern neighbours.  Our quality was destined in past and afforcoming (is that even a word?).

To my Lebanese compatriots, I know they said "Lebanese entrepreneurs are just not good enough" and that early-stage funding is "out of the question."

Herein I come to tell you, you are good enough!  Not only that, you can rival those on the opposite hemisphere near the valley.  You were not first chosen (oh yi children of Israel) but you were promissed to be the successors to harken in the final wave of aspiration and the ordained process of self-realization.

So wake up early and sleep late as is your nature.  Even when broke you feel like your mind is working wonders and your talent comes natural.  So disconnect from the negativity and tap into your natural beauty.  You take risk as if it was never risky.  You fail happily knowing you are in the game.  You are relevant because you can decipher the forces of power.  We are small, but we are great. 

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